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Creative teaching

Creative teaching

 I think that we have to personalize education, that is, find out the abilities and talents our pupils have. To do so , we have to create an atmosphere where children would be willing to learn and find out their real passions.

By using creative activities in the classroom such as drama and arts and crafts we strengthen their imagination and foster their self esteem and their sensation of belonging to a group.

 I have started a project that deals with a fable:the tortoise and the hare. The project is being a success so far and I am really happy with my work and with the work the children are doing at school. They are having so much fun!

Here is our pet for the project, Tania the tortoise.

The language used when teaching it is English. However, I do not only teach things that have to do with English language itself but I also incorporate activities from different fields for instance, science, maths, computers, drama...

  So far they have learnt: lots of vocabulary, specially adjectives,  the elements of a story, description of characters (oral and written form), a rap, a song, a poem, a play that they will perform at the school hall. They have drawn pictures with the computers... and we have done lots of arts creations.

Everybody knows how the story goes, but in our story, in the end, the hare and the tortoise work together and they help each other, so children learn some values such as working as a team.

I´ll show you some pictures.

                  In the computer lab working with the paint program and writing sentences.

I use mind maps to explain everything because they help children understand it better.

Descriptions of characters.

Description of pictures

I prefer making my own material so I can adjust it to their level.

                 story                                                             flashcards

I also make up  songs and poems  to go with the story, so I  introduce the vocabulary I want them to learn.

And lots of arts works and drama activities, which foster their creativity and increases their sense of belonging to a group.

Puppets made with socks!

                                             Hare´s ears

Theatres for finger puppets

And little hares!

I also deal with phonics but I do it through games and puppets:

Phonics: sound / ai/ and its three alternative spellings

And last but not least : Oral presentations!!

And we still  have more things to work on, such as a hunting of words in the playground, a play to be performed in the school hall and many more!!

I hope you have liked it!

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