miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Creative teaching II

In a previous post, I told you I have just started working on a project called : 
the tortoise and the hare. We have done some activities so far, but we still have got a lot to do.

This week, children have been preparing their oral presentations. To do so, they  have made a kind of a folder which they decorate and write down on it, all the information they are going to use when talking aloud to their classmates.

One by one they will come to the front of the classroom and  will present their work to the rest of the class. One thing I really like about my students, is that they are not afraid of talking to others in English, because they are used to doing it. Besides, the atmosphere of the classroom is vital as they  need to feel confident and relax.

Fast finishers rehearse saying it to each other.

Apart from preparing their oral presentations, we have  been playing some games to train phonics.

We have lots of things to come, but I can say that the project is being a success so far.

What do you do in your classrooms? Do you also use projects?

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  1. I like the way you teach. I am sure your pupils really enjoy your lessons.